Top 5 Best Web Browsers of 2018

The right web browser can make a significant difference to your daily browsing, whether your concerns are better security, faster performance or more flexible when downloading extensions.


Below is a collection of the best five web browsers of 2018.

Mozilla Firefox

After total maintenance, Firefox is back and has retaken its crown. Recently, it has experienced its most significant update in 13 years becoming so impressive that we propelled it to the top of our list. The browser has always been known for its support for extensions and flexibility, but the recent update has helped it stand the best among its competitors due to the following features.


  • Very fast
  • Strong privacy tools
  • Light on system resources

Google Chrome


Chrome is 2018’s best browser if your system has the resources. Its wide range of installed extensions means you can make it your own, and there is a wide of settings and tweaks and support for parental controls to ensure maximum efficiency. You can easily find responsive web design layout generator here too. Its features include:


  • Infinitely expandable
  • Fast performance
  • Resource-hungry



This is the best web browser that is a great choice when it comes to slow connections. If you are using secure sites such as banks, it automatically ducks out the way, so your traffic is clear and free of any potential privacy violation. Its features are;


  • Integrated ad-blocker
  • Excellent Turbo mode
  • Fewer plugins than rivals

Microsoft Edge


This is the Microsoft’s new browser offering full integration with Windows 10. The browser provides the following benefits.


  • Built-in reading mode
  • Very fast
  • Backward compatible

Microsoft Internet Explorer


The browser is efficient and fast, but less expandable than Chrome and Firefox. There are no issues with the latest version of internet explorer as it is highly compatible, powerful, clean and uses less of your CPU and RAM than equivalent pages would do on Firefox or Chrome. Its advantages include:


  • Clean design
  • Make frugal use of resources
  • Good plugin support